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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 686 - 5/14/17

Alan Wake is set to be delisted from digital marketplaces due to music licensing issues, we discuss the impact something like this might have on gaming. Should the developers try to re-license the music? Could other popular games potentially suffer the same fate? We discuss these, and take a call later in the show about games we really love the soundtracks to!

Also in the news:

* Squeenix to part with developer of Hitman
* Assassin's Creed rumors
* Bioware Montreal scaling down due to Mass Effect: Andromeda
* Future of the Steam store

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5/15/2017 6:09 AM

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For the emailer who asked about headsets, both are wired but are very good quality. HyperX Stinger is good, the mic isn't detachable but it's at a decent price under $50.

The other one is also by HyperX the Cloud II, mic is detachable. I own this headset and you can use it on PC, PS4, Xbox One and other devices that have a 3.5mm jack.

I heard about this brand because HyperX is a sponsor of the Capcom Pro Tour for Street Fighter V. I'm in no way affiliated with HyperX or Capcom.

If the person insists on wireless though, the official Sony headset is a good choice. I own this headset too, and there's no boom mic so it's more clean. You can just plug the headset directly into the controller or use the USB dongle. It works on PS3 and other 3.5mm devices with that jack too. The official name for the headset is PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset so they might have a new version now like platinum, I don't know.

Best thing to do is watch a bunch of review videos on YouTube. That's what I did.
5/16/2017 12:12 PM

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OK in the hope to settle the Strikes thing, y'all remember shawn, of shawnanigans? yeah so those are his cabs.... I saw a recent post confirming some new arrivals:

Initial D 8 (with cards!)
jubeat (though I'm not sure what version, possibly latest?)
Sound Voltex IV
Cruis'n Blast
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