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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 683 - 4/16/17

On tonight's show, we are joined by Andrew and Tony from Lead Money Games, creators of Lil Tanks, now available on Steam. We talk about the process of creating this first game from the studio, as well as get a first look to what will be coming to future patches in the game. Our developers stick with us to talk about the week's gaming news, including a surprising decision from Nintendo to pull the extremely successful Classic NES system. Was it pulled in preparation for a new model, one that might try to stay one step ahead of hackers? We discuss with our live listeners.

Also in the news:
* Project Scorpio Specs
* New Amiibo announced
* Switch Sales impress
* Minecraft Marketplace

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I can't fathom what nintendo's thinking discontinuing the NES classic... I mean I'd hope it wasn't because it got hacked (I mean the wii was prolly hacked six ways from sunday and they didn't discontinue THAT) I only hope that 'New NES Classic' becomes a thing!

And on the MSX, I learned recently that the machine still has a pretty amazing homebrew scene.... the things these guys do with the system (look up MSX Moonsound for an example of what these fans are capable of, it uses a special cart but the sounds this thing cranks out you wouldn't believe that the MSX was even capable of that!)

and not to mention the games! During Blackwolf's last vintage computer fair video last year he interviewed someone about a new game that was on the system, a metroid-style adventure game called Life on Mars. I haven't played it but it looked fun!
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