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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 680 - 3/19/17

One controversial review had social media buzzing this week, but are video game reviews really that important in our purchasing decisions? We discuss the opinions that matter-- and don't matter to us in our game buying decisions with our live listeners. We also get into the news for the week, which includes an increased production of Nintendo Switch consoles, as early sales numbers appear to have been positive.

Also in the news:

* Switch Wi-Fi glitch related to framerate drops?
* Sonic Forces
* Injustice 2 in game currency
* Wii emulator now emulates the Wii Shop

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3/20/2017 4:30 PM

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Just going to chime in on the weapon durability in Zelda BoW.

I personally think it's great since it adds an extra layer to the game via resource management.

Yes, I got frustrated earlier on in the game(before getting the glider). But as you play though the game, you learn what items you should keep and leave behind as weapons are very plentiful (unless you really suck at combat).

Some may complain there's no progression with breakable weapons and shields, but there are permanent upgrades also like hearts, stamina, armor, weapon slots, and a checkpoint system with the shrines. So there are progress to be made aside from defeating bosses.

Breakable weapons, just adds another layer of challenge to the game and I find it very enjoyable. The only non-breakable item I found is the master sword which can shatter, but recover itself overtime

So far, a high contender for my personal goty
3/21/2017 1:49 AM

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All this time you've been talking about Stroopwaffle, I thought it was an alcoholic beverage until I looked it up on Amazon.
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