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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 624 - 12/20/15

Tonight we are joined by Rick of Tipping Goat, maker of the new Steam retro sports release Super Slam Dunk Touchdown! Rick talks about the many inspirations that went into this living room multiplayer game, and some of the various suprises that can happen on the field during a game. Rob and Jamie are back from GX3 (GaymerX) and give their impressions of the show. If that wasn't enough, it was an awfully busy news week, as Hideo Kojima announces that Sony, well- HE GOT MONEY!

Also in the News:

* Super Smash Bros Wii-U/3DS gets Bayonetta
* More Backwards Compatible 360 games on Xbox One
* Devils Third limited release
* New Console now a Coleco Console

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I know there's still some people out there skeptical of the newly redubbed Coleco Chameleon, but I'm still pretty excited for it ... Apparently the first demo will be at next year's NY Toy Fair, so hopefually they'll have a successful launch!

Also exciting is what Kojima Productions new game they have in development... I hear some of his coworkers from the Konami days went with him like character/mechanical designer Yoji Shinkawa, so I'm sure whatever his new game will be it will probably still feel like one of his properties!

As for MGS6, I feel like it's just gonna be Snake's Revenge 2, but you never know... the question is will anyone give a damn?! 5 set the bar pretty high and that was before Kojima's "vacation" so somehow I don't see 6 getting anywhere close.
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