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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 596 - 5/3/15

Tonight we welcome to the show for an extended interview Kyle Ward, creator of hot new Android music games ReRave Plus and Dittobeat. We talk extensively with Kyle about the present as well as the past, including his involvement with the In The Groove franchise. We have an honest conversation about patents, the state of arcade gaming these days, and some of the things learned over the years. This episode takes us back in a big way to our roots as a show dedicated to music gaming. OLR fans past as well as present won't want to miss it.

Also in the News:

* Disney Infinity 3.0
* Final Fantasy 15 Demo 2.0
* Yooka-Laylee
* OUYA to potentially be sold

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5/4/2015 10:26 AM

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That was a very good interview with Kyle. I wasn't really into the genre of DDR, but I learned a great deal. And yeah, trying to find an arcade machine in the UK? You'll have better luck trying to steal a pair of the Queens knickers (panties).

Liked the mix up on the show roll too, maybe you could do that for an Aprils Fool show next year.

The TEKKEN Galaga game is on the UK iTunes store as well, came out on the 30th April.

May the 5ith be with you. 4th, my arse.
5/4/2015 11:43 AM

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I blame me forgetting about ReRave arcade on me being sick yesterday. :P (and I've never seen it in person myself, so yeah) but it was interesting to get his perspective on what the NEON FM guys were trying with their game by having it sync up with the arcade version.

And Yooka-Laylee is blowing up! Pretty sure they'll be getting their full orchestral performances of the music! I may have to check that out once its released on Wii U!
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