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Orange Lounge Radio 552 - 5/11/14

Tonight we welcome to the show Christopher Tin, Grammy award winning composer of Baba Yetu from Civilization 4. Christopher talks about this contribution, as well as his new album The Drop that Contained the Sea, while fielding questions from our chatroom as well as huge band nerd talk with DarkSakura.

There is plenty of news this week as well to get us talking, namely the controversy Nintendo started with a poorly worded statement on Tomodachi Life. Harmonix announces a Kickstarter campaign to revive Amplitude as well, which has divided the community on Kickstarter's place in the gaming industry's future. We get the feedback of our audience LIVE on an all new Orange Lounge Radio!

Also in the news:
* New Pokemon remakes announced
* Nintendo E3 Plans
* Minecraft limits on Xbox One and Playstation 4
* Unreal Tournament

All this and more on the show where EVERY gamer has a voice-- Orange Lounge Radio!
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