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Mike “deft” Ibarra is a staff writer for the VOG Network who wrote prior for the Orange Lounge Radio website. An English teacher and freelance translator based out of Mexico, Mike is a music aficionado and geek all around. Contact him or follow him over at Twitter at @act_deft, Facebook or Google+.

...Super Mario World’s soundtrack is quite fun and memorable, I can remember most of the songs in the game and be stuck with them for days and not get tired of them. They also help with the flow of the game, pretty much like most (if not every) Mario game in existence.... (Click More... for More)

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In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to make an ILTS article related to this scary holiday. And what better way to do it with a really good scary song from a quite peculiar fellow named Voltaire. Expert in visual arts by day, musician by night, Voltaire has a really peculiar style of music. It can be upbeat and have quite a really catchy tune to most of his songs; he adds a quite dark and creepy vibe to each one. (Click More... for More)

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Well, Kirby is now 20 years old. It sure has been a long since we first saw Kirby in the Game Boy with Kirby’s Dream Land and he is still young and full of energy. But if there is something that Kirby has done that other game hasn’t is get me interested in Video Game Music. (Click More... for More)

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I’ve been doing “ILTS” for quite a while now. Back when it started on OLR’s site, it was just a side project where we would talk about our favorite songs and what we liked about them. It has evolved somewhat throughout the course of the years and now even has a new home here on VOG. (Click More... for More)

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Your music is being trapped, your favorite bands and composers are being used to destroy you, and of course it is up to you to stop this madness and free the music from the thing controlling it. The question is: can you liberate yourself from this game? (Click More... for More)

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The title and subtitle of this article pretty much summarizes Fooly Cooly (FLCL). You could say that this anime has it all: romance, action, comedy, drama, etc. And while this series is only 6 episodes long, it has a lot of things going on in it. You seriously can’t turn your head away from the screen or even blink because you may miss something totally cool. If I can use one word to describe this series is “random”

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Katamari Damacy: the game that took the gaming industry by surprise. Nobody knew what the heck it was or what it was about until they got their hands on it. Even now, there are still people that probably do not know what a “Katamari” is. ... (Click More for More)

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Remember all those really bad but funny horror movies from the past where people are trapped inside someplace and really bad stuff starts happening and nobody knows why or how? Those movies can really be entertaining and fun despite how bad it may seem, but Oz Orwell and The Crawling Chaos...not so much.

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Jonathan Coulton is probably one of the most famous geek-celebrities in the world; you may recognize him from his two mayor hits “Still Alive” and “Want You Gone” from Valve’s Portal series. But of course, those are not the only successes he has; (click More for More...)

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