Marvel's Daredevil Review by Henry Tran

Marvel's Daredevil 2.07: Semper Fidelis

Marvel's Daredevil 2.07: Semper Fidelis

Written By:
Luke Kalteux
Directed By:
Ken Girotti

This is the point where it seems that Daredevil doesn't know what it wants to be. The plot is sticking with the trial of Frank Castle, thus making what is supposed to be a show about a superhero/vigilante into a legal procedural. Only here, there seems to be no swift and clean resolution. We're supposed to side with the good guys, but from the looks of things in this episode, they're not doing too well. There doesn't seem to be a good amount of reasonable doubt to go around regarding the Punisher's actions. None of what goes on in that courtroom is really a concern for Matt, as he gets pulled further and further into Elektra's web and mission to take down the Yakuza.



I'm right along with Matt's frustration at what Elektra is doing to mess up his entire life. She's off doing her own thing, arrogantly thinking that Matt will eventually see where she wants his mindset to be. It's a complete turn-off because it makes Elektra look like she is operating with no morals. Does that make her more dangerous than the Punisher, a person who at least acknowledges his wrongdoing?


I know that Elektra is a crucial part of the Daredevil mythos, and that the show wants to go as far away from the film version of Elektra Natchios played by Jennifer Garner (which I didn't hate as much as some people did), but so far, Elodie Yung just isn't bringing much to the table. I'm not sure if it's the fault of the actress, or the writing, or both, but I totally side with Matt's whole attitude that Elektra is all bad news and wants to get her out of his life as soon as humanly possible. The heist to attain the Roxxon ledger caused him to miss strategy sessions for the Frank Castle trial. Fixing Elektra's wounds and staying up late to torture a professor into decrypting the ledger causes Matt to miss the start of the trial, with Foggy having to make up a pretty good opening statement on the fly.



She's the one who stalks Matt, eavesdropping on the strategy session between him and Karen, which gives her the information she needs in order to intimidate the medical examiner into admitting that he doctored autopsy reports. Elektra thought she was doing Matt a favor, not knowing that she has crippled their case by rendering the medical examiner's testimony inadmissible. Yes, they still have Frank's old commanding officer as a potential ace in the hole, but that's now a crapshoot thanks to this whole farce. The only way they even have that is due to the continued connection between Frank and Karen. It's Elektra and all of her chaos to finally forces Matt to come clean to Foggy about Elektra's presence.


Foggy's reaction is very similar to last season, when he finally found out that Matt and the Masked Man are one and the same. And I felt for Foggy. Matt hasn't been reliable at all since Elektra came into his life, and I think he is now recognizing that he may lose Foggy's friendship, not to mention also his burgeoning relationship with Karen because of her. This has to stick. It's going to be difficult for him to come back from this. He was the one who passionately advocated taking Frank's case in the first place.



Then his commitment to the cause wanders and wanes, largely because of Elektra's continued presence and now, interference. I just continue to wonder what kind of tangible benefit Elektra is to the whole story. It can't only be that she wants Matt to be the Daredevil persona the whole time. He wanted to live this double life. Now, it looks like he just isn't able to handle all of the responsibilities that come with that dual identity.

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • Something about Elektra just isn’t coming together
The Bad:
  • This season is losing direction and traction right at the midpoint

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