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Although I primarily use Twitter for my social networking, I do maintain a Facebook account. The problem is that I cannot log onto Facebook without having several things aggravate me. In this edition of “Top 6” I count down the Top 6 Essential Facebook Fixes.

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First let me say this, I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would ever have to write an article stating why Batman was a superhero. I didn’t even know that there was a segment of the population that felt that way. However, I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked; at one point a few misguided souls thought that the Earth was flat. I really just thought that Batman being a superhero was one of life’s constants. (Click "MORE" to see why!)

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This ‘Top 6’ originally was going to be “The Top 6 Movie Villains of All-Time,” but a problem occurred when most of the villains on my list were from 1980’s movies. I may be biased because, in my opinion, the 80’s are the best decade for any genre of movie. To compensate for my prejudice, I limited the scope of the list to 1980’s movie villains. Click More for the Countdown!

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Apple announced this week that the high-end Mac Book Pro will no longer be equipped with an optical disc drive. This movie by Apple may start a trend that continues into the game console market. Prior to this, early reports about Microsoft's successor to the Xbox 360 foreshadowed that the newer console's disc drive will be omitted. Although I personally do not believe this will happen, these rumors do fall in line with the industry's desire to see the used game market cease to exist. (Click "More" to Read)

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In the Indiana Jones Movies there are many lessons to be learned. Jeffrey Nowak counts down the top 6... (Click MORE to see them!)

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One of the year’s most anticipated Xbox Live Arcade titles was Minecraft. It went on to set single day sales records, and Microsoft was riding high off its release. One feature predominantly showcased in the games trailer was the four-player local co-op mode. Shortly after the games release, problems began to arise when gamers on standard definition television sets realized that the popular co-op mode was not available to them. (Click More to view the rest of the article)

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For me, a video game is a piece of art. It is the translation of the developer's vision into a digital medium. Just as the artist paints a picture, the developers code their game. Nobody in their right mind would walk into a museum and demand that a sculpture be modified to fit their whims, but a new trend has now emerged for video game fans to make demands of developers. (To Continue Reading, click More...)

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When I heard that they were rereleasing the Star Wars movies in 3D, I was only planning on going to see the original trilogy. I did not want to give another dime of my money to the people that were behind The Phantom Menace, The Attack of the Clones, and The Revenge of the Sith. My plans changed when, after seeing a commercial for The Phantom Menace 3D, my son asked if I would take him to it. Despite my plan for a personal boycott, the love I have for my son outweighed the hatred I have for the prequels. I agreed to take him under one condition: (Click More to continue reading...)

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