I Love That Song! by Mike Ibarra

I Love That Song: Working from Spacechem

I Love That Song: Working from Spacechem

Intellectual music for a truly intellectual game

I Love That Song- Listen while you work

Spacechem, you may have heard of this game or maybe even have it on your Steam account and still do not even know of its existence. It is quite a complex yet ingenious game, but hard as hell. While it is an easy game to play, you will get stuck trying to solve all the puzzles in it. While it is very frustrating, and you will feel that your brain will melt, you will feel like a total genius when you get to solve them. The music will pretty much inspire you to do so.

There is not that much I can add or talk about Spacechem as a game. Despite its complexity, it is a very simple game to pick up and play. While it is based on chemistry (considering you make chemicals and such), it is all about engineering. The difficulty comes in making it all work flawlessly; any mistake, and you cannot advance to the next level. So yeah, it can really frustrating at times but so far I haven’t met anyone who has truly disliked this game; especially engineers.

So how does the music come in to play in all this? Well, like I said, it pretty much inspires you to work away at the puzzles. It is all orchestrated/instrumental music. Pretty much all the soundtrack is calmed, slow yet with hard beats. It gives you lots of focus and keeps you concentrated in the game. This is something that lots of puzzle games do, or at least try to do.

The best example of this is probably the track “Working”, a very simple title yet very fitting to the game itself. You are working your way through to solving problems and making everything work accordingly as it should. 

Evan LE NY, French artist, composed this magnificent soundtrack and I have to give him props for a job well done. He has also worked on other games from Zachtronics Industries (creators of Spacechem) and he has music of his own. He pretty much focuses on instrumental pieces, but they are pretty good and have a great ambiance to them. You can listen and download the whole Spacechem soundtrack and all his other work for free at http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/3284/evan-le-ny.

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Until next time, keep on workin’!

Mike “deft” Ibarra is a staff writer for the VOG Network. You can follow him over at Twitter at @act_deft

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