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Howdy ya'll and welcome to The Best Little Horde House in Azeroth. Internet radio & podcasting veterans Rob Roberts and Xtofer, and their wine loving friend Grandpa bring you a weekly dose of Azeroth news and updates from an honest yet sometimes sassy perspective. Join us for our antics each week as we invite special guests to pull up a chair with us and poke a little fun at one of our past times.

In this episode broadcast live on March 11th, our hosts recap the news of the week including a surprise Everquest patch, a Wildstar 10 day trial, a new character for Heroes of the storm, and a return of an old 90s shooter favorite in multiplayer form. All this and MORE on the show about ALL things online gaming but NEVER too SRSLY- HORDE HOUSE!

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Tonight we are talking about broken raids! No, it’s not a dig at the new raid in that big MMO, but we’re talking about an actually broken raid. Like so broken that they had to close it… and take gear away from people too. Also, with PAX East on the horizon, we get our tin foil hats on and speculate what we might be seeing. Square Enix is confirmed to have a panel, Blizzard will also have a presence. Will this be the first time for the east coast to get their hands on Overwatch? Find out when Horde House returns on March 11th! (Rob will be at PAX East so no Horde House March 4th)

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The news is relatively quiet this week, although we sit on the eve of dueling patches in two big MMOs next week. World of Warcraft will get their much anticipated 6.1 patch, and Final Fantasy XIV gets the Manderville Gold Saucer in 2.51. Since the contents have been known for some time though, leaving our news segment a little short, we spend a little time talking about the games that we’ve been spending time with over the past few weeks. This leads to discussion on recent releases like Evolve and DLC, and of course Rayman Legends– although not thanks to Xtofer surprisingly enough! Sil is back with us this week, and shares with us a new podcast that she is starting with some podcast pals, The Geek Card!

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It’s a double stuffed catch up episode for the podcast feed! In the first half of tonights show, special guest Sil joins us to talk about a surprise cancellation of a title from one of our favorite development studios. However, could this cancelation have a positive effect on one big MMO? And in the second half of this podcast taped last week, Ian from Qoopa Klub joins us to talk about the surprise sale of Sony Online Entertainment, makers of Everquest and DC Universe online, to another company!

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A new selfie camera in World of Warcraft? Really? Well okay, the hosts tackle what could possibly be the motivation behind such a strange new item coming soon into the game. And there’s a lot of high highs and low lows, and an expansion is announced for Guild Wars 2 (yaaaay), but then rumors gain steam that one popular WoW blog may be logging out (booooo).

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If you are still not in the Heroes of the Storm beta, now is your chance to buy your way in! This method of accessing this hot “free” to play title sure has struck a controversy in the online gaming community, but is this the first time we’ve seen something like this? How do our hosts and live chatters feel about the issue? Also, somewhere the other shoe dropped and Elder Scrolls is going Free to Play! Wait, shh, don’t let Rob hear you say “free to play!”

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Things have been quite busy on the Blizzard front, and our hosts break down everything that’s happening between the new phase of testing for Heroes of the Storm, and a brand new patch for Diablo 3 that has boosted Rob’s performance in the game right before the end of season 1! World of Warcraft is also looking to the future, with a new raid set to open up in just a couple of weeks. Blizzard isn’t the only one preparing patches however, as patch 2.5 for FFXIV is dated and detailed.

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We return from our holiday break, joined by our old pal Part_Shark from the Troll in the Dungeon podcast. We catch up with everyone after the holiday break and dive into the news. In the news this week, World of Warcraft technical issues cause the anniversary event to be extended. Now is the time to spend a miserable night in Molten Core, before it’s too late! Also, one MMO could be brought back due to fan demand. And is another showing signs of going away too soon?

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It’s time for our annual Top 5 games takeover show! Xtofer takes over the reins of the show, which puts everyone in roles you might not expect them in! And probably never want to see them in again! Special guest Flaco Jones counts down with our hosts their Top 5 games of 2014.

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The crew is back this week, and after some discussion on the lolzy weather in Northern California, Rob talks about some of his feelings about the WoW expansion and other games he’s been spending his time with. Then we get into the news, where Xtofer talks about a game that’s gone thru quite a turnaround. Can we forgive a game that was once bad? Grampa gets into some tweets and an e-mail regarding a release schedule that’s just too crazy, but are our hosts able to stay on topic? Never!

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