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Episode 12: “lol games journalism” with Derek

We hung out, like IRL, because of #internetfriendships…
Rob might have soapboxed a bit on the recent #facebook drama…
Xtofer gives us the latest in the #freekesha saga which has us shaking our heads more and more…
And we are joined by our pal Derek (@EmbryonX) to talk about #gamesjournalism , including writing for a website with such longevitiy, as well as the world of #gamereviews, and the internet comments that come of it…

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5/19/2016 11:31 AM

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I love that he thought he had to specify what kinda Drag Race... :P

and on gamergate, well as far as the original intent before it got hijacked by shitlords, I'm reminded of LOKI talking about Driv3r over on OLR, with the rigged reviews / exclusivity deals that happened leading up to that game's release.

There's a great youtube video by UK gamer Guru Larry that talks about the Driv3r thing in-depth I recommend checking it out if you wanna learn the whole story. but that's what I understand GG's original intent was, calling out bullshit like that.

(had to laugh at the alanis joke, haha)

E3 is my favorite time of year though... waking up early to catch the press conferences, hopping into chat to watch (and snark) with the other VOG people, it's a fun time!! and seeing the twitterverse blow up in realtime is great too!

Dark Black Forest was an amazing song, can I request that for at some point on the next OLR? :P
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