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Episode 9: “Let’s Roleplay” with EricRPG

Miitomo… Advice… Sportsball on Twitter… Touch the Robot… Let’s Roleplay!… More Phobia discussion in E-mail…

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4/7/2016 6:02 PM

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Oh man xenoblade x don't get me started.... I'm super near the end of the game but these last boss fights are really kicking my ass.... great game though if you're looking for good value for $60, I must be at least at 120 hours there's just so much to do!

Some of it sort of reminds me of Mass Effect (although I haven't technically played it) there's a similar 'dialog tree' feature in XCX where people react differently to how you respond to their questions/comments.

There is also a little bit of an online co-op mode if you can find someone to play a quick mission with it's a pretty fun time!!
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