Grimm Review by John Keegan

Grimm 3.22: Blond Ambition

Grimm 3.22: Blond Ambition

Written By:
Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt
Directed By:
Norberto Barba

For better or worse, the writers of Grimm have habitually had one major plot thread overstay its welcome each and every season.  The first season had Nick wait far too long to tell people about his Grimm status, to the point of making it farcical when he finally did.  Juliette’s amnesia and reconciliation with Nick was painfully long in the second season.  In this case, Adalind’s baby and the repercussions of the decision to safeguard it without her knowledge takes forever to come to fruition.  That there’s only so much time to focus on it is one of the downsides of this finale.


Adalind takes her revenge in numerous ways, but most important is that she take Sean Renard out of the equation (hopefully only for a little while) and uses a spell to take on Juliette’s appearance and sleep with Nick, thus stripping away his Grimm abilities.  It’s unlikely to last very long; in the meantime, I’m sure Trubel (she of the terrible nickname) will stand in as needed.  But with Wu and others now all too aware of the weirdness going on in Nick’s household, things are going to be a mess when fourth season begins.


On the one hand, a part of me thinks that Juliette has seen enough, and knows Adalind well enough, to recognize that Nick was a victim in the whole scheme.  It’s not like he knew that it was Adalind; emotionally, he was connecting with Juliette.  On the other hand, I can see how Juliette would wonder how Nick couldn’t have known that it was someone else, even by subtle actions, reactions, and so forth.  All that said, this had better not be the beginning of a season-long subplot with Juliette focusing on nothing but Nick’s “betrayal”.


It does get to the heart of something that the series began with, though, and that is the notion that the life of a Grimm means severing the ties to a normal life.  Nick’s entire family is fractured because of the demands of being Grimms, and he may be fighting a losing battle to have Juliette be a part of his life.  I doubt very much that the writers are going to usher her out, but making her even more a part of Team Grimm wouldn’t be a terrible way to mitigate the tension between them.


Not that the tension created by this got in the way of Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding.  Thankfully, the writers knew better than to interrupt the actual nuptials or make one of the lovebirds a victim.  This series doesn’t have to follow in the Whedon tradition of destroying the lives of happy couples!  But it does bring up a good question: how much should they be involved with Nick’s work, now that they are trying to build a life together?  The question may be moot, as they live in the epicenter of the entire story, but it may be a hint to the theme of the fourth season.


The third season has been all about the tension between the conservative old ways, both in terms of the Wesen and Grimms, and the need to adapt to new thinking as society progresses.  Change is now here, and Nick is going to be called into account in a number of ways.  At the very least, Wu should be ripping Nick a new one very early next season.  Will next season be about Nick rebuilding his world, reshaping relationships to strengthen what they had before?  Only time will tell.

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • Congrats to Monroe and Rosalee!
  • Adalind’s plans finally came to fruition
  • Wu learned the truth in the most dramatic way possible
The Bad:
  • Renard better not be dead!

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