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Grimm 6.04: El Cuegle

Grimm 6.04: El Cuegle

Written By:
Brenna Kouf
Directed By:
Carlos Avila

Now that the writers have given themselves a bit of room to breathe by hitting the “reset button” when it comes to the threat of Sean Renard, we get to have something of a more traditional case involving a Wesen threat.  Or, at least, an apparent one.  The interesting thing about this story is how it takes a relatively straightforward situation and adds some chilling implications to it.    



El Cuegle made for a visually fun Wesen, and the folklore was certainly a little different than we’ve gotten in quite some time.  It’s gratifying that over the course of six seasons, Grimm has manage to stick to the general source material of folklore and legend to come up with such a diverse set of monsters and creatures.  I appreciate the German roots of the Grimm lore, but lore from other parts of the world has been a fertile imaginative ground.


Portraying El Cuegle as a Wesen who has to make terrible choices to prevent future atrocities couldn’t have been easy, but the writers and the actor manage it well.  And there is a growing sense of foreboding that arises from the case, which then adds to a similar sense when it comes to the other plot threads running alongside it.  Certain there is a lot of reason to think Julieve’s investigations are going to uncover something very disturbing for Team Grimm.



But the most compelling comparison is to Diana and her inability to recognize what her unique abilities represent.  Her observations have no consideration for simple tact, but also betray a clear absence of moral consequence.  The notion of killing doesn’t concern her in the slightest, which even seems to give Renard pause.  Renard might see her as a potential weapon, but she’s also the kind of force that could quickly spiral out of control.

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • The Wesen-of-the-week had some nice unexpected aspects to its lore
  • It seems like everyone is starting to see how dangerous Diana can be
The Bad:
  • I hope they’re going somewhere with Renard’s imaginary friend

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