Grimm Review by John Keegan

Grimm 4.02: Octopus Head

Grimm 4.02: Octopus Head

Written By:
David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf
Directed By:
Terrence O'Hara

I’ll give the writers credit for not rushing the resolution to Nick’s problem, since there are aspects of it that could use a little more time to explore.  In particular, how long can Trubel keep running around as Nick’s surrogate before it causes a ton of problems.  In a way, it already has; Wu wouldn’t be coming around, looking for answers, if Trubel wasn’t in town.


For a little while, Juliette was trying to set the stage for Nick to stay de-powered and return to a more normal life.  Her methods weren’t particularly appreciated, but her motives are understandable.  The end of the episode made that a bit less likely, of course, and it wouldn’t make sense for that possibility to get more than reasonable consideration.  In the meantime, Nick gets to train Team Grimm to work with a leader without Grimm powers, and as a result, they should be stronger in the end, and more capable of taking on the resurgent Royals.


The whole “octopus head” plot thread still feels a bit disconnected from everything else.  Trubel’s demonstration of Grimm resilience aside, what was the point?  All those flashes of government secrets and such didn’t seem to come to anything.  If the ultimate purpose of this Wesen was to be a distraction, they didn’t need to delve so much into his motives.  More focus could have been spent on the machinations of the Royals, which remain vague as usual.


At least Renard is back in action, and as usual, that is a big boost to the ensemble.  More Munroe and Rosalee would be better, too, but I imagine that they will end up coming into focus as the cure to Nick’s condition takes prominence.  There’s also the introduction of Renard’s mother, which could prove interesting, since she would presumably be able to flesh out more of the Royal Family/European Grimm connection.  Whether or not the writers go in that direction, though, time will tell.

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • The exploration of Nick’s condition
  • The return of Renard
The Bad:
  • The Wesen involved in the case feels out of place

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