Girls Gone WoW

Girls Gone WoW is a podcast for the World of Warcraft community. Each week Raven & EJ interview a community member to find out a bit about them, and discuss a particular topic about the game that interests them. Listener interaction is strongly encouraged so pull up a stool and come join the girls at the bar. 

This week Caz is back with us again to talk about what our greatest personal achievements in game are and it’s fair to say people came up with some great ones! You can find Caz on Twitter @caz_lives or in … Continue reading →

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This week we managed to reschedule Draven and get him snowed in so he had to stay for the WHOLE SHOW and talk about mounts. It was terrible and very difficult to arrange. Good show though. You can find Draven … Continue reading →

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We have Tre back with us once again this week and we’re talking about our hopes and plans for 2019 in the Wonderful World of Warcraft! You can find Tre on Twitter @imortalscot Next week: We’ve rescheduled with Draven and … Continue reading →

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Marie is back this week and we’re talking all things Troll. And Christmas. And Other stuff. You know us. I accidentally made a dog out of sticks you know… You can find Marie on Twitter @MBuhtz Next week: What are … Continue reading →

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Just us this week but we had big pile of listener input to get through with you all letting us know all the things that we’re all too smart to ever have done. Honest. And there was bingo, weirdly. Next … Continue reading →

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This week MATTHEW ROSSI is with us again!! We had a great time talking about gearing in BAzeroth, and a lot of random stuff too. You can find Rossi @MatthewWRossi on Twitter or over on BlizzardWatch Next week: We’re flying … Continue reading →

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This week we have the one and only Korenwolf with us to talk all things tank and lots of other stuff. You can find Korenwolf on Twitter @flyhmstr. Next week: MATT ROSSI IS WITH US AGAIN! And we’re talking about … Continue reading →

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This week Mike joins us once again to talk about the Pandaren! And we had a great chat about lots of other stuff too. You can find Mike on Twitter @mikenj27. Next week: The Hamster, Korenwolf himself, will be joining … Continue reading →

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This week Mr F has joined us once again to talk all things addon! And you had lots of stuff to say about this so I suggest you crack on…. You can find Simon @SimonFr on Twitter Next week: Michael … Continue reading →

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This week we recorded a day early as our wonderful guest Scott is in New Zealand! I can’t believe we haven’t had him on before! We talked all about the art and weeks in wow and lots of other stuff. … Continue reading →

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