Girls Gone WoW

Girls Gone WoW is a podcast for the World of Warcraft community. Each week Raven & EJ interview a community member to find out a bit about them, and discuss a particular topic about the game that interests them. Listener interaction is strongly encouraged so pull up a stool and come join the girls at the bar. 

Finally, the day is here…we have recorded 300 shows! EPIC. Just EJ & Raven this week answering your questions and drinking Champagne. What more could you ask for??? Well. Merchandise. That’s what….find out about that over on our merchandise page! … Continue reading →

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Marie is back this week and we’re talking all thing levelling! Find out how we feel about the new old world level scaling and other stuff as well. You can find Marie on twitter @mbhutz Next week: It’s finally here. … Continue reading →

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We’re talking about Classic this week with our lovely friend Joe from The Podcast of the Whale. Find out what we think Classic should look like! Seems like it’s a contentious issue. You can find Joe all over the place! … Continue reading →

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This week Robbie and Razerbug from the Geek Card Show are back with us after a long break! And we’re talking about faction war: should it continue or has it had its day – lots of feedback from listeners on … Continue reading →

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Thanks to Tre for stepping into the breach this week and coming to talk to us about professions! We had lots of thoughts from about what works and what doesn’t and what we’d like to see in the future. You … Continue reading →

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This week the wonderful Tursrts from CTR came to talk to us about mega guilds and event organisation and generally keeping the show on the road. You can find Turarts on twitter @turarts Next week: We have a gap! Let … Continue reading →

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Long one this week people! Eric is back with us to report back on what it was like to actually be at Blizzcon! Sounds like he had an amazing time! You can’t find Eric as he deosn’t do social media … Continue reading →

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Bit of a mixed bag show for you this week. You’ll find about 40 mins of us and a few of our friends giving some hot of the presses thoughts on Saturday, and then EJ and I go through some … Continue reading →

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We have a new never seen before guest this week! Everyone welcome Trims! We had a lovely chat about things from past expansions we would like to have seen taken forward and some new ideas too. You can find Trims … Continue reading →

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This week wonderful Spanky joined us again and we managed to ask him inappropriate questions before he caught us up on catch up mechanics. Sounds like it’s pretty easy to get a 110 sorted at the moment! You can find … Continue reading →

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