Girls Gone WoW

Girls Gone WoW is a podcast for the World of Warcraft community. Each week Raven & EJ interview a community member to find out a bit about them, and discuss a particular topic about the game that interests them. Listener interaction is strongly encouraged so pull up a stool and come join the girls at the bar. 

This week we had the wonderful Saalmis join us to pose the question ‘how have the events of BAzeroth changed your head cannon toward you character?’ It was an interesting chat! The new week in wow also worked really well. … Continue reading →

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Just a short one this week as things have been completely mad so we’re playing catch up! Next week: Hopefully we’ll have Saalmis talking about whether the recent events in Azeroth has changed your headcannon for your characters. Download the … Continue reading →

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Raven is a bit under the weather this week and briefly forgot how numbers work before we pressed the record button. Sorry if it’s all a bit flaky! We had the wonderful Caz with us though and it’s a great … Continue reading →

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Marie is back this week! YAY! And we’re talking about levelling zones in BAzeroth. We got a bit more into the Alliance than the Horse but it seems like everyone thinks Blizz did a prettygood job this time round. You … Continue reading →

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This week Tre joined us once again and we had a wonderful show chatting about all the stuff people are doing differently this time around. You can find Tre on twitter @imortalscot Next week: MARIE IS BACK! W00t! And we’re … Continue reading →

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It’s finally here! The day we have been waiting for! We’re finally getting into Bazeroth!!! And Shoryl has joined us to share her experiences of launch and lots of your wrote in to share yours too! You can find Shoryl … Continue reading →

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We’re back! Did you miss us? This week our lovely friend Sess joins us to talk about all the pre-patch lore and how annoyed we are about the Tree. *sadness* You can find Sess on Twitter @sessifet25 Next week: LAUNCH … Continue reading →

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…but I don’t know what as I wasn’t there!!!! You get a bonus Robbie holding the fort for me today! Next week: We are taking the week off as we’re off to the convention! But PLEASE GET IN TOUCH IF … Continue reading →

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It’s all about the patch this week with us diving into our patch experiences and hearing from lots of listeners doing the same! Next week: What do you think of the new story stuff released this week? Download the show

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Just the two of us again this week but we’re talking about the new Christie Golden novel ‘Before the Storm’. Heads up: we liked it! Next week: How did the pre-patch treat you? Let us know! Download the show

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