Girls Gone WoW

Girls Gone WoW is a podcast for the World of Warcraft community. Each week Raven & EJ interview a community member to find out a bit about them, and discuss a particular topic about the game that interests them. Listener interaction is strongly encouraged so pull up a stool and come join the girls at the bar. 

This week we have with us on the show the one and only MATT ROSSI!! We were super excited and it’s an awesome show. We talk about warriors and a bit of lore and also get a chance to hear … Continue reading →

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Marie joined us this week, after some technical difficulties, and we talked about the best class in game: druids! Hear what we think about them in Legion, and why we were drawn to them in the first place with your … Continue reading →

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This week Eylyxx joined us once again to talk all things priest! Hear how we think they’re doing in Legion and what we think should be changed. You can find Eylyxx on Twitter @evlyxx. Next week: Marie is back and … Continue reading →

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Well swapped out Saturday for Sunday and Tre for Simon F but we did do you a show. All about patch 7.2.5. So…here it is! You can find Simon on Twitter @simonfr. Next week: We…need a guest. Download the show

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Sorry about the delay everyone. We did record a version of this show on Sunday but it all went a bit Wrong so we had to do it again. I think this is ok but do tell me if it … Continue reading →

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We’re talking all things reputation with Idina this week once we get our technical issues sorted out. Bit of a random one. I’m sure you won’t mind… You can gind Idina on Twitter @idina2011 Next week: We’re talking class mounts … Continue reading →

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This week Guus joins us to talk about what we do to fill the time when the game is in a quieter phase…for those of you that happens to ever anyway. You can find Guus on Twitter @Guusjenomonk Next week: … Continue reading →

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I really hope this show is ok….we had some technical gremlins. If it doesn’t make sense then I spliced it together wrong and you should tell me!!! We have Cherryanna and Pure Royalty with us this week talking about why … Continue reading →

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This week Sil joins us to talk about quest design and how it’s changed over the years. And Raven has a difficult day with the pony and then spends the showing playing WoW ‘cos that’s super professional…. All things normal … Continue reading →

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This week we got on top of the gremlins and Tre joined us! We were talking about all the hidden things in game and a bit of hidden things in other games too. You can find Tre @imortalscot on Twitter … Continue reading →

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