Girls Gone WoW

Girls Gone WoW is a podcast for the World of Warcraft community. Each week Raven & EJ interview a community member to find out a bit about them, and discuss a particular topic about the game that interests them. Listener interaction is strongly encouraged so pull up a stool and come join the girls at the bar. 

After a certain amount of faffing about with guests this week, Cinder joined us to talk about shaman! Yay! It was lovely to catch up with her again. Next week: We’re talking monks so if you know about monks why … Continue reading →

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This week the ever wonderful Rho joins us so we have a slightly more informed show all about Warlocks! We also have some of your letters from last week ‘cos they didn’t show up until Monday. Sorry about that. You … Continue reading →

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Just EJ & Raven this week so it all went a bit odd and we tried to stream running through the demon hunter start area and podcasting at the same time. This probably wasn’t clever. Let us know whether you … Continue reading →

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We had Lisia join us this week to talk about mages finally! We got to them eventually. Funny thing though, everyone seems a bit meh about them at the moment. You can find Lisia on Twitter @lisiaraids Next week: Either … Continue reading →

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This week we’re talking all thing sneaky with Mr Fraser as rogues are our class for the episode! And a very informative chat it is too. You can find Simon on twitter @SimonFR. Next week: We’ll be recording on SATURDAY … Continue reading →

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This week was a super exciting show as Shoryl had come allllllll the way to London from the amazing Minnesota! So we recorded round my coffee table. Hopefully the sound is ok. You can find Shoryl @shoryl_mn on Twitter. Next … Continue reading →

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This week Jarf has joined us once again to talk about ….. DEATH KNIGHTS! I know. I fucked it up. It could have gone either way, honestly…but DKs’. Yes. Totes. You can find Jarf on Twitter @grandmasterjarf Next week: Shoryl … Continue reading →

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Just EJ & Raven this week for a short catch up. Been a super busy week outside WoW so not much to report I’m afraid! Next week: Jarf joins us again to talk about Death Knights! Ask us things. Download … Continue reading →

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Wasn’t last week amazing? Not sure how we’re ever going to follow that but we have two lovely hunters with us this week to give it a go: Tre & Macraz! We did have some technical hiccups with the recording … Continue reading →

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This week we have with us on the show the one and only MATT ROSSI!! We were super excited and it’s an awesome show. We talk about warriors and a bit of lore and also get a chance to hear … Continue reading →

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