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 Post Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2016 7:44 pm 
Critical Myth

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MONDAY - (Show #702) - Roots of Devastation: Part I

This week's genre news

Covering the bottom shows of the week ending 31 May 2016:
3) The Musketeers 3.01: "Spoils of War"
2) Wynonna Earp 1.09: "Bury Me with My Guns On"
1) Wayward Pines 2.01: "Enemy Lines"

WEDNESDAY - (Show #703) - Roots of Devastation: Part II

Covering the top shows of the week ending 31 May 2016:
3) Supernatural 11.23: "Alpha and Omega"
2) The Americans 4.11: "Dinner with Seven"
1) Person of Interest 5.09/5.10: "Sotto Voce/The Day the World Went Away"

FRIDAY - (Show #704) - Roots of Devastation: Part III

The rest of the episodic discussion for the week ending 31 May 2016

Open Topics and feedback!


 Post Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2016 3:28 pm 
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In regards to the recent outcry to a billboard advertising the new film ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ I’ll never understand why elements of our society are so intent on fabricating controversies about pop culture when we have so many legitimate ones in the real world. I’m disappointed in both the PC Police and Fox over their behavior in dealing with this piece of advertising. The billboard image of Apocalypse strangling Mystic is in no way the glorification of domestic violence. Anyone who reads the X-Men comics or follows this film franchise would know that. So for the association to be made and for Fox to apologize is asinine at best and a further erosion of free speech and the feminist at worse. In fact my wife who is a survivor of domestic violence herself (1st husband) and a comic book fan sees Mystic’s inclusion on that billboard as a victory for the feminist movement. She feels the ad acknowledges publicly that the hero of the film is a woman. Has Fox opted to portray a male hero being choked by the villain it would left the PC Police uninterested, but it also would have taken away from the feminist struggle as it would then hide the fact that the hero that leads the X-Men to victory over the ultimate evil is a women.

Knowing is half the battle......!!!

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