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Fall movie season is here and there is a surprising amount of films to cover, especially considering it's mostly October releases I'm highlighting. That's because, as what often happens in October, there are a lot of movies trying to grab the Halloween crowd. There are a couple of Oscar nominee wannabes as well, and considering the last five best picture winners were early fall releases, I'm not surprised.

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Lately it seems like the second half of summer hasn't seen a high quantity of big releases. Sure there are still huge hits, like last year's Guardians of the Galaxy, but that movie was such a powerhouse, it scared other movies off the schedule altogether. This year, that's not the case. While none of these movies looks to dominate like Guardians did, most of them have big name notoriety with blockbuster potential every week between the 4th of July weekend and the end of August.

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There are a lot of movies to look forward to this summer. I've whittled them down to ten and, of course, you the readers will always have the last say and get to rank them when it's all over. Let’s get started.

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The spring season in Hollywood has been shifting to some bigger budget pictures making their debut here instead of in the crowded summer marketplace. Since Alice in Wonderland was a huge hit 5 years ago, studios have been more and more willing to launch movies in March and April and it’s turned out hits every year, including last year’s Captain America sequel and the very first Hunger Games movie. Will any of this year’s spring releases strike box office gold? Let’s see what they have to offer.

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Winter movie season is upon us again and this year, more than ever, it has become the prime release period for movies that were bumped from their previously claimed spots on the calendar for one reason or another. While over half the movies featured in this preview were pushed back from earlier dates, there are still a few others that see this as a great time to release a big, hotly anticipated movie with very little competition. Along the way, I’ll fill you in on which specific films made the change to these new winter dates.

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While fall technically runs until late December, the fall movie season gives way to the holiday movie season as of this week. With all the holiday breaks in these next two months, movie studios are vying for your extra free time and money to spend at the local cineplex. Let's see what they have to offer this year.

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After a packed summer movie season, a void in the early fall was to be expected. The fall season isn’t the biggest time of year for geek-centric film, but things do start to ramp up mid-October with some interesting smaller releases. This preview will cover all the way up until the beginning of the holiday movie season in late November when the real heavy hitters start showing up.

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The box office has been pretty strong this summer as nearly all the movies highlighted in part 1 ended up as top 10 earners of the season so far. If only I had spotlighted “Neighbors” over “A Million Ways to Die in the West” all nine would have been up there. With a frontloaded summer like this, is there any money left to support the movies coming out in the second half of the season? Looking at July, you may not think so, but things ramp up big time in August.

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It’s time to kick off another summer movie season with Part 1 of our 2014 Summer Movie Preview, highlighting the biggest releases for the months of May and June. If these movies sound familiar it’s because all but two of the nine films previewed here are either sequels or reboots, and a couple are even sequels to reboots!

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It’s springtime for movies, and there are some decent offerings this year as a bunch of films look to get a jump on the box office before a hyper-competitive summer season gets underway. There is quite a variety to choose from for the months of March and April so let’s get right into it.

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