Fear the Walking Dead Review by John Keegan

Fear the Walking Dead 2.06: Sicut Cervus

Fear the Walking Dead 2.06: Sicut Cervus

Written By:
Brian Buckner
Directed By:
Kate Dennis

Perhaps the strangest thing about this episode is how something that has been built up into a major roadblock was hurdled in a matter of seconds with little or no difficulty.  It’s somewhat epidemic of the curious plotting choices over the course of the entire series.  Things that one would expect might take time or effort seem to be glossed over, while other situations linger far too long.



A lot was made of Strand’s secret plans to get to Mexico and the notion that there was only enough money for two people (presumably Strand and Nick) to get past the border patrols safely.  So when they finally arrive and things start to go south, that must have been the signal that this episode would be a harrowing attempt to resolve the conflict, right?  Not so much.  They literally outrun the border patrol for a bit and get left to attempt a crossing by land on their own.  Which is supposed to indicate that the border patrol figures the Infected will take care of business, but the entire group literally makes their way on ground with hardly a fuss.


Eventually they did run into trouble, but hardly the kind of crisis that would be enough to justify the notion that travel-by-sea is the only viable route.  So what was the point?  It’s just a bizarre decision to have so much mystery and distrust around a potential gateway to salvation, only to have it rendered meaningless.  Subverted expectations can be a lot of fun in stories, but this is a bit ridiculous! 



Thankfully, the rest of the episode sets up some interesting conflicts.  While dealing with some Infected poisoned at a church (a plot point for later in the episode), some of the characters hesitate in telling ways.  Chris has taken to his training earlier in the season a little too well, it seems, and his choices are being questioned by Maddie.  He waits a little long when she’s in trouble, which is of course noted by Maddie and Alicia (who Chris is increasingly interested in).  Daniel’s past continues to haunt him, and Nick is beginning to get overwhelmed by the reality of the post-apocalyptic world.


Chris has turned out to be one of the more interesting characters in this episode, because his resistance to taking responsibility for his actions is a warning sign that he’s going to explode.  And through the rest of the episode, he came closer and closer to doing so.  He’s spiraling out of control, and even worse, he’s aware that it’s happening.  When he does crack, it should prove quite entertaining (if the writers don’t give that moment a quick resolution).


Equally interesting is Celia, Luis’ rather disturbing mother.  Daniel is merely wary and dealing with a crisis of conscience without his wife, but Nick might have been a little too eager to buy into Celia’s point of view.  Celia has integrated the Infected into her religious beliefs in a way that has compelled her to mass murder, so how much of a threat will she turn out to be once she discovers that Strand hasn’t committed suicide with her “special” eucharist?  Something tells me that mob of Infected trapped in the cellar is going to end up being a very big problem.

Our Grade:
Your Grade: B+
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The Good:
  • Chris is headed for a spectacular collapse
  • One has to wonder if Nick is going to lose his sanity soon as well
The Bad:
  • Why was the border crossing so simple after so much foreboding?

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Grade: B+
What went down at the church was just awesome it really helped to establish just how crazy and determined Celia is. While there has been some criticism for pacing on this series it should be considered that it looks like ‘Fear’ will do in two episodes what the main series took almost the entire second season to do with the barn, with Celia being a much darker variation of Hershel. As for so easily running the blockade that wasn’t surprising out all. Despite all of Victor and Luis’s worrying a nation in the middle of the apocalypse probably wasn’t going to be investing much in border enforcement. Anyway in the real world the US/Mexican border has always been a bit of a joke when it comes to stopping people from crossing it in either direction. I knew Luis was just too cool a character to last. I was hoping though that we’d at least get the rest of the season out of him. If the producers were that intent on creating then killing such an enjoyable character they could have at least warned us by casting Sean Bean. I’m also disappointed that Thomas’s time on the show was so short lived. It would have been nice seeing how his relationship with Victor progress. And I found Chris’s behavior to be out of sync with his character development up to now. It doesn’t seem plausible that he would descend to such a psychotic level so quickly when his prior behavior show him to be evolve into a more capable but still humane survivor
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Grade: B
I keep going back and forth on this episode. I like that their safe house isn't as safe as they assumed, but it just seems like a retread of the the farm from Walking Dead season 2 but with more of a religious fanatic angle than just keeping zombies alive before finding a cure. Glad the pacing is a lot better these past few episodes.

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