Join self-proclaimed geeks (and actual sisters) NinJaSistah and Pandalicious each week as they share a unique look at video games new and old. From console gaming (Xbox, Playstation, Wii) to mobile (iOS and Android), triple "A" titles to independent developer releases, trade show coverage and even one-on-one interviews, these ladies review and preview it all. Sprinkle in a little bit of anime and tech gadget and a whole lot of randomness and you've got yourself an episode of ElectricSistaHood.

NinjaSistah jumped right on the newest iteration of the "God of War" franchise, and she gives this warning right up front this week: If you don't want to know the ending of the game, you don't want to listen to this show until you've played it. Ninja gives it all away -- she does that only for games she really, really likes (or really, really hates). Want to know what she thinks about it? We're not giving that away here, either. You'll just have to listen -- and there goes the surprise. But the God of War segment is not […] The post ESH Cast #583: Everybody’s gonna die, but not until the next one comes along (Rinse and repeat) appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

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Any long-time listener of the ElectricSistaHood podcast knows that Ninja loves her some God of War. The game, in its many incarnations, has been the subject of many a discussion over the last 12 years. And, while Ninja hasn't loved every version of the game, she has always held the franchise in high esteem. And, luckily, the latest version does nothing to disappoint. As you'll hear in this week's episode, after only a couple of days of play, the game rates very highly with her. She and Panda devote most of this week's show to the game, which was full […] The post ESH Cast #582: I haven’t finished it — and it hasn’t finished me appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

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Some games are there to give us brand new experiences, in places far from our normal existence. Other games hit a little to close to home and make us uncomfortable. That's the case with the brand new game Far Cry 5. It's set in a world that we recognize too clearly and expose us to things we would rather not think about. It's like a horror game that uses your basement as the starting point. It makes us scared to return to the basement. So the matra we have to keep repeating is simple: It's only a game. It's only […] The post ESH Cast #581: Just keep repeating to yourself: It’s only a game - It’s only a game appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

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No, we aren't talking about geometric tangents. That's a whole 'nother podcast. What we're talking about is the kind of tangent that always shows up in our podcasts. The kind where we're talking about one thing and, suddenly, we're talking about something completely different. It happens again this week. Once we notice it, we tend to get back on track, but not without extrapolating on a quite different subject for a minute or two. You'll have to forgive us. It was another big week for us. This time, we got to spend a few days perusing PAX East in Boston, […] The post ESH Cast #580: This is how tangents get started appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

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We give you a rare treat with this week's podcast: A behind the scenes look at what we go through when we record the podcast. We also let you in on the things that make us break up during the show and force us to take a break before we start recording again. It's just all in a day's work for us. Actually, most episode recording sessions go pretty smooth for us, but when the wheels fall off, they tumble mightily. Among the things you'll be hearing is the one word that we can't get away with saying (and it's […] The post ESH Cast #579: Lifting the Veil appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

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There's a point in this week's podcast that sound suspiciously like a question from the old game show The $20,000 Pyramid. And you'll find yourself playing right along with the Sistahs as they try to figure out the solution to the question: Things That Rhyme With "Dell." You'll just have to listen in order to truly understand. It's all part of Panda's diatribe about the game Ni no Kuni 2, which contains one ridiculous premise after another. It's as if the authors decided, "Well, if they bought this premise in the first game, they'll buy an even crazier premise in […] The post ESH Cast #578: Higgledy? Really? Higgle deez nuts! appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

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In the early 2980s, actor Orson Welles hawked Paul Masson wines on TV with the tagline, "We will sell no wine before its time." Just like California wines, the sistahs have the same attitude about video games: They would prefer to sidle up to them a while to them before they reveal their true feelings. One example of that is in this episode, in which Ninjasistah, who started playing Assassin's Creed Origins months ago, is just now getting back to the game after a long hiatus. The absence did, as the old saying goes, make her heart grow fonder and […] The post ESH Cast #577: Topics must be properly marinated before we can talk about them appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

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After a tumultuous two months, Ninjasistah is finally back in her home and the ElectricSistaHood is finally back on track. Ninja celebrates her freedom from the Residence Inn by recounting all the games she hopes to play in the new year, even though we're approaching the fourth month of it. It's almost easier to mention the games she and Panda don't talk about in this week's show. In it, you'll hear more than a passing reference to the games Assassin’s Creed, The Division, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Far Cry, God of War, Grand Theft Auto, Fortnite, Moss, Splatoon, […] The post ESH Cast #576: Tom Clancy’s still dead, but The Division lives on appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

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Panda is a newlywed of less than a year. And she's a good wife. How can you tell she's a good wife? She had no intention of playing Monster Hunter World. And then her husband came home an proclaimed that he had bought both of them a copy of the game. What was she to do? She played it, of course. It didn't mean she had to like it. And if you want to know her true reaction to the game, just listen to this week's show. You'll get an earful. Ninja had quite a week as well. Still homeless […] The post ESH Cast #575: I was dreading Monster Hunter World, then it was forced on me appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

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Perhaps a better title for this week's podcast episode is "Let's hear it FROM the Sistahs!" That's because "hearing" it is what this week's show is all about. Panda and I have taken a break from recording this week to recharge our batteries while we're dealing with last month's burst water pipe and the resultant drenching the House of ESH took. Let's just say that the place is still unoccupied after a month and a half. It's probably a good thing we don't do a podcast about insurance companies. If you think we're rough on the folks at E3... For […] The post ESH Cast #574: Let’s hear it for the Sistahs! appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

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