E3 2014 - June 10-12, 2014

Little Orbit

Location: Meeting Rooms #302
Appointment Time: Wednesday, 12:30PM

In this booth: HEX: Shards of Fate by Cryptozoic

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skie's Avatar
6/11/2014 1:16 PM

3602 days ago
On behalf of VOG I want to thank Cory Jones, President and CEO of Hex entertainment for the walkthru of the game. I definitely feel the passion he has for the game, in trying to create a TCG MMO vs a card strategy game. I was walked thru some of the elements of the game that make it uniquely digital such as cards that transform, socketed cards (think jewel crafting in WoW) and cards that deposit themselves in opponents decks with potentially negative effects. I expressed my hesitation to the more complicated TCGs being a newb, and was told that a full hand holding tutorial is planned, and that this game contains deep PvE content as well as PvP content. For instance, there will be "raids" where you team up with friends to take out a boss monster, as well as 40 single player dungeons. Game is currently in closed beta for PC and Mac. Tablet versions and open beta coming soon. We look forward to having Cory on one of our podcasts soon to talk more about the game and answer more of your questions.


Flaco_Jones's Avatar
6/11/2014 9:47 AM

Great Question
When were you planning on releasing an Android version of Hex? I noticed it hit the goal on the Kickstarter page but haven't found any other information about it.
skie's Avatar
6/11/2014 1:10 PM

Well I couldn't get a date or a timeframe, however I did get reassurance that it's being tested and actively worked on. The game is being built in unity so porting will be pretty simple. Parts of the interface have to be tweaked though to be tablet friendly. This all applies to iOS version as well.

E3 2014 is over. See you next time!


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