Degenerate Johnny

For those who don’t remember or were not part of the card game scene at the time, Netrunner was originally a collectable card game (CCG) that was developed by Richard Garfield (the creator of Magic: The Gathering). The game was eventually published by Wizards of the Coast during the mid-90’s. It was based on a role-playing game called Cyberpunk 2020, which was the second edition of the original “Cyberpunk” or Cyberpunk 2013 (wait does that mean we are living in a cyberpunk age right now?). It was a game that involved each player to take on the role of either as a runner (hacker) or a mega-corporation in an epic battle for supremacy. Although Netrunner was a moderate success, it didn’t achieve the same amount of players as Richard’s more popular creation did. I can you tell you personally that one of the reasons was because of its over-complicated rule system.

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