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Bobby Blackwolf is the host of The Bobby Blackwolf Show on the VOG Network, lead developer of the website, and lead GM for VOG: The Game.  Follow him on Twitter at @BobbyBlackwolf or like his Facebook Fan Page.

RPG's have come a long way in the past few decades. We started out with tile-based low resolution pixel art leaving us to our imagination, all the way up to realistic 3D worlds that we can explore today. Evoland is an indie RPG that pays homage to the history of RPG's from the looks, play styles, and even stereotypes, but does that make it an overall fun experience?

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This week, Sony announced the PlayStation 4 to the world. Some would argue that they left out key parts from their presentation, such as the release date and price. Some also argued that Sony did not show the system itself, but that would be a lie. IGN pointed out that Leonard Nimoy in fact presented the PS4 in the past, and VOG's very own Bobby Blackwolf got his hands on that very PS4 and some early prototype games!

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This past Wednesday, the Internet said goodbye to the original programming of the G4 cable television network. X-Play and Attack of the Show were ending their long run, and the network will be on autopilot until being turned into the Esquire Channel. I, however, said goodbye in late 2004, after being one of the earliest vocal supporters and cheerleaders of the network since before it even went on the air. I was a Senior Moderator of G4's forums and chat room from 2002-2004. This is my story, and my final goodbye.

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Thanks to the success of Telltale Games essentially reviving the point-and-click adventure genre and bringing it into the 21st century, we've been witnessing many independent developers do their own take of the genre. Most of these entries are firmly stuck in the 90's with their graphics and sound, which is great for the lovers of nostalgia - but there's a breath of fresh air to be had when an independent developer stands out to bring Telltale-like quality to their own story. That's what we get with Phoenix Online Studios' Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller.

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Of all of the gaming studio closures over the past few years, the ones that hit closest to home to me were those that made racing games. Bizarre Creations, which made the Project Gotham Racing series as well as the fantastic Blur, closed up shop around the same time as Black Rock Studio, which made Pure and Split/Second. Suddenly, many extremely talented developers were looking for work. Enter Playground Games, who hired many of the developers from those studios, as well as from other studios with racing game pedigrees (such as Codemasters, Criterion, and Ubisoft Reflections) and became tasked with creating the next generation of simulation arcade racing: Forza Horizon.

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In November of 2008, Microsoft launched the Xbox LIVE Indie Games section of the Marketplace (then called Xbox LIVE Community Games) and touted it as a way for hobbyist video game developers to have their creations visible to the large audience of Xbox 360 owners. Almost four years later, it seems that Microsoft has all but abandoned the platform, leaving what developers are left frustrated and scrambling for solutions. The latest hurdle facing XBLIG developers? The lack of Prepaid Codes, and it hits developers right in the wallet.

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The VOG Network has signed on to be an official Media Partner of this year's Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo (SIEGE) taking place October 5-7, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia! Run by the Georgia Game Developers Association, SIEGE is an excellent first step for aspiring game designers and developers, as well as a melting pot of ideas and information to help further the games aspirations of those already in the industry.

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Delayed a few days due to a very successful Dragon*Con, we now have the stats that the entire Internet has been waiting for - the results of August's iteration of VOG: The Game. A third month of the game yielded our third straight unique winner, although a former champion made a very compelling run up until the end.

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VOG is excited to announce a track preview event during the August 19th episodes of The Bobby Blackwolf Show and Orange Lounge Radio in conjunction with the new release of the Darksiders II Original Soundtrack composed by Jesper Kyd, and released by Sumthing Else Music Works!

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Another month has gone by, and VOG: The Game has closed out yet another leaderboard. In true NBC fashion, I will tape delay the leaderboard to generate suspense.

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