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Bobby Blackwolf is the host of The Bobby Blackwolf Show on the VOG Network, lead developer of the website, and lead GM for VOG: The Game.  Follow him on Twitter at @BobbyBlackwolf or like his Facebook Fan Page.

Bobby Blackwolf of The Bobby Blackwolf Show and Rob Roberts of Orange Lounge Radio went on Twitch on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, to discuss the biggest gaming news of the day: Microsoft's intent to purchase Activision Blizzard King.

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The Voice of Geeks Network is excited to announce that we are moving our live programming from internet radio to Twitch, which means an added element of video to our broadcasts as well as enhanced discoverability so others can join the community you all have enjoyed over the years. We will be starting this conversion on Sunday, December 16, 2018, with the first live video airings of The Bobby Blackwolf Show and Orange Lounge Radio

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The secret's out - I bought myself a Tesla last year. Traded in an old 2004 Mustang Convertible V6 for it, and it was one hell of an upgrade. It has pretty much changed my life in the sense that I actually enjoy road trips now. After years of averaging about 6-8k miles a year on the Mustang (which was still a great car for me) I put 12k miles in eight months on my Tesla. So, when the opportunity arose to drive to MAGFest this year, I jumped at the chance, and decided to share the experience with all of you.

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On a cold but sunny weekend in February, Bobby Blackwolf and Rob Roberts traveled to National Harbor, MD (just south of Washington, DC) to attend MAGFest - the Music and Games Festival - and amidst the Colossus Roars, we were able to talk to some of the indie games that were accepted into the MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase.

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I should have had this review written two weeks ago. That's when I could have written about it. That's when I SHOULD have written about it. But, I didn't. Why? Because I couldn't honestly believe how good this game was. I thought that it had to go downhill, something was going to change, as I went further into the game. I felt like I HAD to put the time in to finish it, because invariably I would come to the conclusion that it started strong and finished weak, and I didn't want to mislead anybody. To my surprise, The Talos Principle didn't let me down, even in the end, and it's the best game I've played all year.

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I attend a monthly meetup group where we play party games. Catchphrase, Time's Up, and yes, even some Cards Against Humanity. It's a lot of fun to get together with other people and play together - in the same room, making jokes, having fun. Party games come in all different forms - board games, card games, and imagination games, and The Jackbox Party Pack finally brings that into the equation as a video game.

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It's that time of year again - DRAGON CON in Atlanta! This is as close to VOGCon as you'll get, and we're pleased to announce that MANY of our VOG Network hosts will be participating in an official capacity at this year's show. We've put together a list of ALL of our appearances, but I'm sure you'll find us wandering around at other times...

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"That game looks hard," I was told in a Steam message while I was reviewing this title. I hadn't realized Steam was showing what I was playing, but it was, and he watched the videos from the store page to make that determination. The thing that struck me at that moment is that I hadn't realized that I was playing a hard game. I was flying around like a badass, destroying my enemies, getting destroyed, and going right back to destroying my enemies. LUFTRAUSERS is a difficult game, but it doesn't SEEM like it's difficult, and that's not something you find a lot these days.

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Cards Against Humanity is considered a "party game for horrible people" - combining the gameplay of Apples to Apples with Mad Libs, where every card is the Adolf Hitler or Hellen Keller card. What began as a Kickstarter project has exploded into four official expansions and countless other card sets - enough that they were able to sell what amounted to literally being just a box with their logo on it so people could store all of their cards. If those cards aren't enough, though, the game is licensed under Creative Commons, and anyone can make expansions for it. That's what Jon Bressler and his team at Conventional Improv did to great success. What began as a panel for conventions turned viral when a Doctor Who themed expansion was noticed by a large site, and now they're back to take on Pokemon. I chatted with Jon Bressler about today's release of Cards Against Kanto, his past successes, and the future of Conventional Improv.

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Whenever I talk about the Oculus Rift, the first thing anybody says to me is "Oh, I'd love to play *insert favorite old game* in the Rift!" My first response is always "No, you wouldn't," and then I'd explain all the reasons why. They'd always shake their heads, tell me how wrong I am, and how I'm just not seeing the awesomeness of whatever they're imagining in their heads. This week, "Ubiquitron", a 31 year old independent game developer from Oakland, released a small demo using assets from the NES classic The Legend of Zelda, creating a massive news frenzy on gaming media. Looking at the responses, I've realized something - I've become the kind of person I make fun of. I've become a VR Hipster.

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