Being Human Review by John Keegan

Being Human 4.11: Ramona the Pest

Being Human 4.11: Ramona the Pest

Written By:
Chris Dingess
Directed By:
Jeff Renfroe

With only three episodes of the series left, it’s not only time to wrap up the season plot threads (such as the mystery of Beatrice), but also the overall character arcs.  The apartment is being sold, so the group is going to be moving on.  A satisfying ending is going to mean sending everyone off in a way the audience can appreciate.


Aidan is certainly thinking of Sally after that rather unusual kiss, and when he’s doing his Kool-Aid Guy impression, one can tell that overall mood has improved.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy to move past friendship to something more, especially with the whole mess with Susanna still lingering in the back of his mind.  The two need to get past it, which is not going to be easy under the circumstances.


Things get crazy and nasty, though, when Kenny asks Aidan’s help to fake his death so he can run away with Astrid, his werewolf girlfriend, and this means asking Josh for help.   Josh is uber-guilty over being forced to create a bunch of new werewolves, and that means he’s a bit less than enthusiastic about the whole idea.  Especially considering that the pack comes calling and threatens Nora.  Josh’s killing spree is impressive, but it includes Astrid.  That’s a bit of an issue, to say the least, now that Kenny knows what happened.


Sally’s solution to helping Josh get control over the wolf, once and for all, is creative, to say the least.  But at the end of the day, it actually makes a lot of sense.  Josh has been trying to fight the wolf the whole time, but Sally pushes him to engage and accept that he is the wolf, not something separate.  Who know that talking it out was all it would take?  (Besides, that wolf is awfully cute!)  It’s exactly the kind of closure to Josh’s character arc that was needed, and it also brings Josh and Nora back where they belong.


In terms of the season arc, Sally leads them to a secret room in the apartment, which still looks exactly the way that it did in Sally’s jaunt to the past.  Now the question is: what does it mean?  Enter Ramona, Beatrice’s twin sister, a ghost who has been trapped in the secret room.  This leads Aidan and Sally to track down Beatrice, which is pretty damn funny when Aidan has public conversations with Sally in the process.


Ramona isn’t the innocent everyone thinks she is, and if she wants the gang to remain in the house, her penchant for adding to her body count might become a problem.  She certainly seemed to want Josh to kill the pack, and I’m not entirely sure she didn’t want Nora out of the picture as well.  I’m mildly worried that our apparent couples are going to end up experiencing some losses in the final two episodes, but that doesn’t change the fact that the series is wrapping up in fine fashion.

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • Solid resolution to Josh’s character arc
  • They finally address the season’s mystery
The Bad:
  • There’s only two episodes left!

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