Arrow Review by Nadim S.

Arrow 4.14: Code of Silence

Arrow 4.14: Code of Silence

Written By:
Wendy Mericle and Oscar Balderrama
Directed By:
James Bamford

While I'm glad we're seeing more of Ruve and Oliver's mayoral campaign, I don't understand why the show decided not to show us the debate. After all, the entire episode was building up towards that singular event, and then the show promptly decided to skip it? I get that Arrow is not a "political" show, but it would have been welcome to see Ollie navigate a different kind of enemy right in the public eye. Missed opportunity if you ask me.   

Just when I was proud of Arrow for really sticking with Felicity's disability, the show went on ahead and gave us a cure courtesy of Curtis' implantable biostimulant. The reveal was undeniably touching, but I simply can't hide my disappointment at the insistence of "curing" Felicity when she's displayed nothing but strength and resilience since the attack.  

And then there's that ending with a whole lot of forward momentum as Damien arrived home with none other than Ollie's son William. Surely Arrow won't kill off a child (Samantha is obviously the one in the grave), but I've got high hopes for this storyline. This season has potential, but it feels like it's been flopping at every turn (we're not at third season levels yet, but I was hoping for a second season-esque resurgence).

Interestingly enough, "Code of Silence" was directed by the James Bamford. The show's incredible stunt director previously directed "Brotherhood", an episode that produced the show's most impeccably-staged action sequences yet. "Code of Silence" wasn't nowhere near as impressive, but I still appreciated Bamford's framing with long single takes and top-notch choreography. Here's hoping he continues to handle the reigns every so often.

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • William’s fate should make for an interesting storyline
  • Solid fight choreography
The Bad:
  • Why not show us more of the debate?
  • Felicity;s “recovery” is coming way too fast

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