Arrow Review by Nadim S.

Arrow 4.11: AWOL

Arrow 4.11: AWOL

Written By:
Brian Ford Sullivan and Emilio Ortega Aldrich
Directed By:
Charlotte Brandstram

I'm not a fan of Diggle-centric episodes.  I get that many viewers might love the character, but I just find him dreadfully boring on every level. David Ramsey does great work in the role, but he's just been saddled with the most mundane subplots of all time. The one highlight in his story in this episode was Reiter's appearance in the flashbacks; this development effectively links that arc to Oliver's journey on Lian Yu. High hopes for this; let's hope the show doesn't' drop the ball with it.   

On the bright side, Felicity had a somewhat intriguing arc as she began to adjust to her new reality. While I seriously doubt her paralysis will be permanent (as evidenced by Oliver's final speech), I wish the writers would have the guts to stick with it and really commit to showcasing a badass with a disability. But alas, it's probably it's just another complication in the Olicity angle. Thankfully, Emily was terrific, particularly with the appearance of Goth Felicity. You can tell she relishes playing the role, and the CGI used to place the two Felicitys in the same frame was on-point and never less than stellar.  

Finally, since the show treated it like an afterthought, I shall do the same: Amanda Waller was killed off in the least exciting way possible in this episode. On one hand, it's bizarre that such a pivotal character met her demise so casually, but it also makes perfect sense as DC intends to leave the character for Viola Davis in the film version of Suicide Squad. Talk about politics! But if no one on the show seems to care, why should we?

Some additional thoughts: Has Spartan always been Diggle’s codename this season?  It seems like a new thing, but if it has, perhaps that helmet design makes slightly more sense.  Overwatch, however, is a perfect codename for Felicity, as it alludes in certain ways to both Oracle and Watchtower, without being too on the nose.

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • A great deal of the Felicity material was on point, especially Goth Fecility!
The Bad:
  • Diggle’s story just doesn’t rise to the occasion
  • Waller’s fate felt more like DCW/DCU politics than true plot progression

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