Anime Jam Session

Anime Jam Session is a 90+ minute weekly podcast hosted by DJ Ranma S, Mako-chan, and the resident staff writer Ari Rockefeller. Join them as they discuss topics in regards to anime, cosplay, conventions, video games, along with pop culture, tech, and other anime related topics. This podcast is also syndicated weekly on VOG Network. Tuesdays at 9:30PM EST and Thursdays at 1PM EST.

On tonight's show...We discuss more about #MeToo allegations, and an Attack on Titan editor is sentenced to jail... New Lupin III film, another Digimon movie with the original DigiDestined, and a theatrical run for Howl's Moving Castle's 15th anniversary! A Veteran animator gives advice on wages, Hello Kitty gets the Hollywood treatment, and Yuji Naka (creator of Sonic The Hedgehog) gives his thoughts on the upcoming film. Meanwhile in Japan, a sorta knife wielder, a frozen streaker, and udon over drugs?

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On tonight's show... Celebrities weigh in on the term 'Comic Con', brand new Pokémon games, new Captain Harlock manga, and a new Detective Conan smartphone game! Funimation adds tiering options to its service, and it's not bad! An animation prep school helps the industry, Japan Cartoonist Association responds to new copyright laws, voice actor idol group celebrates 10 years, and an anime song label shut down... Meanwhile in Japan... A man reported for saying hello? Police say there's more... Concert canceled due to adult video game, and someone tell grandpa that's not a vase...

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On tonight's show... Release dates for new Pokémon movie, a light novel is canceled over an argument, and mourn the passing of a voice actress... Spider-Man beats Mirai at the Oscars, Fruits Basket theatrical screenings, Cells at Work calendar for giving blood, Banpresto dissolves and falls into Bandai Spirits, artists complain law in regards to pirated media screenshots, and what titles are leaving Crunchyroll? Over in Meanwhile in Japan...Microwave chips recalled due to fire hazard, Man arrested for hitting cop that interfered with his Pokémon GO game, and Man arrested for selling modified Love Live! School Idol Project ( ラブライブ!) figures?!

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On tonight's show, IchigoGami brings us a rundown of Katsucon 2019! Then more info on Vic Mignogna, which hopefully brings a lot of drama to a close. Also, another scummy cosplay photographer owns up to his transgressions, we hear about #MeToo from Japanese voice actors and actresses. Funimation announces some of the cast for Fruits Basket, Alita: Battle Angel cashes in hard on the big scree, and the top 20 anime dances... Where's your favorite? Meanwhile in Japan... Museum of poo opens up, Japan public broadcasting collectors leave threatening notes, and a stolen pair of antique jeans lead to arrest?!

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On tonight's show, we discuss Funimation's recent news, more Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, a kickstarted for an anime about a food truck, changes at Bandai with company acquisition and new president. Also a historical Tokyo bookshop closes, and a brand new Battle Angel Alita doll is in the works! Over in Oh Japan... Japanese idol singers offer bottles of their used bathwater to fans at eye-popping price, a man arrested for hair licking, and a street racer granny don't give a shit!

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On tonight's show... Nintendo to open a flagship store in Tokyo, 4th Neon Genesis Evangelion film is in production, 20th Century Fox is sued over Alita: Battle Angel, and we have a giant, life sized Bumblebee transformer near it's life sized Gundam counterpart! Also, Crayon Shin-chan spinoff is for the dogs... Two people arrested for selling fake Love Live! School Idol Project ( ラブライブ!) merchandise, and a Lupin III game that allows you to heist jewels! And over in Oh Japan... An adorable jackass otter gets own series, winning a years worth of ice cream, and Ariana Grande's tattoo?

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On tonight's show... We discuss the Vic Mignogna issue, a rumored father and son project at Studio Ghibli, and Rumiko Takahashi wins a prestigious award! Netflix is at it again, with Resident Evil, updated Toonami lineup, アニメ『Back Street Girls -ゴクドルズ-』 gets live action series! Sequel for POKÉMON Detective Pikachu, free global manga service, and a line Pokémon themed dress shirts! Over in Strange News From Japan, 6000 calorie sushi, getting cozy with a cockroach, and why you shouldn't brag about your mad ninja skills...

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On tonght's show, we discuss the Crunchyroll Anime Awards... Will there be more drama? How did Dragon Ball Super: Broly fare in theaters? Changes at Comiket  コミックマーケット as well as self-care. Updated pilgrimage sites for anime tourism, ownership changes at Project: A-Kon, and World Cosplay Summit hosts One Piece cosplay competition! Over in Strange News From Japan... Japan standardized English test launches weird meme, "tights world" on the loose, looking to ask the tough questions, police break up a fight between BanG Dream fans during Osaka concert?

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And we're back from break! On tonight's show, we're talking MAGFest 2019! This is DJ Ranma S and Ari Rockefeller's second trip, but Mako-chan's first, so let's the stories! Also, tragedy at Animé Los Angeles, and how you can help! And over in Strange News From Japan, A Naked man arrested on a stranger's balcony, a public broadcaster films innocent science experiment at well known porn location, and an idol apologizes for causing commotion over attack at her home?!

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On tonight's FINAL episode of the year... It's our Christmas show! Join DJ Ranma S, Ari Rockefeller, Mako-chan, WildSpice Cosplay, Yunie (in spirit, her internet died), and IchigoGami as they look back over holiday thoughts (good and bad), gifts, family, and also the most outlandish Strange News From Japan! Wanna know what those are? Gotta listen in!

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