Anime Jam Session

Anime Jam Session is a 90+ minute weekly podcast hosted by DJ Ranma S, Mako-chan, and the resident staff writer Ari Rockefeller. Join them as they discuss topics in regards to anime, cosplay, conventions, video games, along with pop culture, tech, and other anime related topics. This podcast is also syndicated weekly on VOG Network. Tuesdays at 9:30PM EST and Thursdays at 1PM EST.

Supanova Comic Con & Gaming is in hot water due to vendor selling fascist crap, Ouran High School Host Club: The Musical, and Netflix picks up all of Sailor Moon Crystal! Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba sells over 1 million copies of the movie, Superman gets a manga about gourmet food, and a Sailor Moon cafe... In Houston Texas?! Meanwhile in Japan, Super Mario Bros kimonos, love doll mistaken for a corpse and rescued, and man stealing a school uniform caught by another man in a school? --- Support this podcast:

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Netflix hits up with a new Castlevania  series, along with updates on Shaman King and Edens Zero! Kanno Yoko composes music for live action Cowboy Bebop, AnimeLab rebrands, and a new TRANSFORMERS AR game, and Rumiko Takahashi explains why her characts can't say "I Love You". Meanwhile in Japan, wood distilled alcohol, stolen hydrangeas, and raise your own Godzilla? --- Support this podcast:

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Otakon doesn't require vaccination cards, Rumiko Takahashi is on Twitter and her staff reaches out to fans, and a Tokyo sake store recreates Misato's room from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Also, the latest Sailor Moon fan meet will be streamed visually and we get visuals on the upcoming musical! Seiko releases 30th anniversary Sonic The Hedgehog watch and find an official Fruits Basket island in Animal Crossing! Meanwhile in Japan, a hotel converted to an airsoft arena, disgruntled man arrested for spitting in front of the same store repeatedly, and a police chief is arrested for stealing toilet paper? --- Support this podcast:

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Otakon news! Also, a young boy sells his Pokémon cards to pay for puppy's surgery, upcoming DiGi Charat news, InuYasha/Yashahime real escape game, and a woman is arrested for sending threats to WIT STUDIO,Inc. Plus, 7-ELEVEN Japan limits sales of Pokémon cards, Kyoto Animation - 京都アニメーション announces a Thank You with a music festival, and a new Lupin III anime series! Meanwhile in Japan, a cook shaves his head as an apology, cops shacking up in police box, and illegal maid café crackdown in Akihabara?! --- Support this podcast:

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On tonight's show... A disturbance in the cosplay community, we'll tell y'all wassup. Also, Berserk mangaka, Kentaro Miura passes away, World Cosplay Summit 世界コスプレサミット sets it's dates, Super Sentai / Kamen Rider crossover film, and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba becomes the #2 anime film! Plus, Sailor Moon music video for the Sailor Moon Eternal film, Hatsune Miku becomes a MLP Bishoujo figure, and Kroger stores uses anime/gaming characters for job recruiting?! Meanwhile in Japan, two cats keep coming back into a museum, car owner sells prized car for vet bill and a surprise buyer comes through, woman wants office romance, but no job, and a train driver disciplined for taking a poo break while train is going at 150 kmh?! --- Support this podcast:

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Sales of Pokémon cards halted at Target, as well as Pokémon Centers in Japan, eBay restricts sales of adult anime material, and a new Ruroni Kenshin novel drops! Also, find out more about the One Piece rap, Aqours releases first live action video, and an Attack on Titan sake! Meanwhile in Japan, Japanese student writes to Arnold Schwarzenegger and gets a reply, police alerted to man asking woman to play catch in park, man arrested for car bombing person due to parking style?! --- Support this podcast:

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Japan's State of Emergency has been extended, Love Live Nijigasaki gets a season 2, and a Dragon Ball Super movie announced! Plus, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie tops in theaters worldwide! The Next Manga Awards opens for nominations, and visuals for Takarazuka's City Hunter musical are released! Meanwhile in Japan, we have an update on the 7-11 in a 7-11 for y'all! Discover how to earn money from scamming scammers and a stranger is in a man's kitchen eating? --- Support this podcast:

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Check out the new Naruto streetwear collection, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train does something no Japanese movie has done in 20 years in America, and Russia bans isekai anime. Plus Lupin III celebrates 50 years with stylish shirts, Japan's Health Ministry posts chapters of Cells at Work for free reading, and WWE goes anime with Crunchyroll! Meanwhile in Japan, 34 pairs of panties stolen from a guy who lives alone, father supports his son to become a dragon, fight with train otaku fight leaves one with a fractured skull, and a schoolgirl and a karate teen subdue shoplifter?! --- Support this podcast:

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A lot of Puella Magi Madoka Magica news! Also, Japan declares state of emergency in 4 prefectures, and we'll explain in details about it! Plus, legendary comedian Gilbert Gottfried recites the One Piece rap (yes that's a thing), VIZ Media and Marvel team up to release Deadpool Samurai and other works, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba takes out Spirited Away in the theaters, and Hayashibara Megumi holds a vtuber concert! Meanwhile in Japan, we have an update on the guy that stole and replaced women shoes, man fined for pooping in a shopping checkout line, and another man arrested for defrauding his 35 girlfriends out of birthday gifts?! --- Support this podcast:

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Spurned wife sells husband's Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Pretty Cure adult cosmetics, and Ghost In The Shell sake! Also, Gundam creator wants to crush Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Evangelion, Black Butler celebrates it's 15th anniversary, and Netflix's Castlevania comes to an end... Meanwhile in Japan, teacher disciplined for eating in class, man arrested for breaking into restaurant and wearing ladies uniform, and McDonald's Japan announces the Mommy McShake?! --- Support this podcast:

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