Anime Jam Session

Anime Jam Session is a 90+ minute weekly podcast hosted by DJ Ranma S, Mako-chan, and the resident staff writer Ari Rockefeller. Join them as they discuss topics in regards to anime, cosplay, conventions, video games, along with pop culture, tech, and other anime related topics.

A journalist thinks maid cafes are misogynistic, but we ask our local meido, BerryMelon, their thoughts! Also, an AI Keke Tang chatbot from Love Live Superstar, Shinjuku train station taken over to celebrate Pokémon, Plex Pro adds 24/7 HIDIVE channel, and the trailer for the live-action SAINT SEIYA is out, along with theme song by P!nk! Meanwhile in Japan, first arrests made for "sushi terrorism" prank videos, people getting lewd with anime figures in Ghibli Park, a laundromat owner clings to car of panty thief, and a Coca-Cola canned cocktail? --- Support this podcast:

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Fans outraged with the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village movie, was it really a glorified flashback? Toei Animation brings us a new Precure all-stars movie with all 77 precures! That's a lot! One Piece on Ice this coming summer, along with a Chibi Godzilla anime! Crunchyroll to add music videos and concerts, and Takahashi Rie tells fans to bathe... Meanwhile in Japan, a Yakuza boss arrested for signing up for a discount supermarket point card, and a rude message to customers spark controversy... --- Support this podcast:

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We discuss Katsucon with BerryMelon and her adventures in working the fashion show! Plus, Ari Rockefeller brings us Pokémon news, cool Spy x Family merch with My Fair Lady, Sailor Moon: Prism on Ice is canceled, and the new Urusei Yatsura anime has a whopping 93 track soundtrack! Meanwhile in Japan, a vending machine that meows at you, a candy company apologizes for it's price hike, and an anime girl body pillow that does ASMR?! --- Support this podcast:

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We celebrate the life of legendary mangaka Leiji Matsumoto, discuss Crunchyroll's Xbox app, Genshin Impact recasts an English voice actor, and VIZ Media releases some great anime titles on YouTube! Meanwhile in Japan, one man was arrested for pooping on a bicycle seat, another arrested for paying his phone bill in the middle of a crime spree, and an otaku regrets wasting money?! --- Support this podcast:

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More Love Live news! Updates on the spinoff and new group! Also, another dub voice actor caught with his pants down, and visuals on Hatsune Miku's 16th anniversary! The Super Mario Bros. Movie's latest trailer homages The Super Mario Bros Super Show, new Digimon project, and Yoshitaka Amano is coming to Anime Expo®! Meanwhile in Japan, rent school uniforms to wear into Tokyo Disneyland, and the Pastrami Donut Sandwich from Krispy Kreme Japan?! --- Support this podcast:

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We have an update on Neo Anime Oasis! Also on tonight's news, changes with Love Live School Idol Festival, a manga about an American rock star gets a reprint, and JIMMY CHOO's Sailor Moon inspired shoes. Plus, International Anime Music Festival postpones, Japanese composer wins Best Global Music Album Grammy, and live action Neon Genesis Evangelion play ditches original characters for a new story? Meanwhile in Japan, revolving sushi has stopped at a big restaurant chain, Hakushu whisky goes into cans for highballs, and the nap chamber! --- Support this podcast:

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DJ Ranma S discusses Selfie Clubhouse's Selfie Con and Neo Anime Oasis's convention rules... Also, Anime Corner News's 2022 anime winners, new Ranma ½ merch, and the new anime song for Sailor Moon Cosmos! Plus, Attack on Titan's mangaka auctions off desks, and the US releases of four Neon Genesis Evangelion tracks?! Meanwhile in Japan, a groper was arrested, but swears he only touched one breast, an unmanned hotel is open in Japan, and loud cheering and full attendance are allowed at concerts and sporting events! --- Support this podcast:

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The Anime Awards nominations for 2023 are out! Also voice actress and singer Rica Matsumoto appears at Carnegie Hall, and streaming service GYAO! shuts down... Plus, a YouTuber's fish reveals their credit card, a Lum coffee collab, and One Piece themed gym?! Meanwhile in Japan, Tropicana's 19 million yen fine, tentacle ear plugs, and what's going on with the salted plum industry?! --- Support this podcast:

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And we're back from break! On our first show of the year... What's been going on with Pokémon?! Mako-chan fills us in! Anime NYC's founder Peter Tatara leaves for a new role, Production IG and Studio Khara collab for Kaiju No.8, Aya Hirano discusses some of the harassment she endured in the industry, and Netflix grabs the rights for the live action My Hero Academia! Meanwhile in Japan, an update on the teacher that used a store bathroom for self-pleasure, a politician in trouble for doing pullups in the train, and cherries hit a record breaking sales in an auction? --- Support this podcast:

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It's our 2022 Christmas Special! Join DJ Ranma S, Ari Rockefeller, Mako-chan, BerryMelon , and Koibug with their cups of eggnog as they share the holiday cheers and jeers of some interesting holiday stories, interesting gifts, and lot more! Plus some interesting news, such as a kid who brags about being a thug and it backfires, a man arrested vandalizing a gate with coffee milk, retired gaming Pokémon fish, and the newest VTuber is a great-grandmother?! Plus the return of Ask Anime Jam Session Hosts! --- Support this podcast:

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