Anime Jam Session

#525: A Bit of Anime NYC, and Lot of Turkey.

DJ Ranma S discusses his take on Anime NYC and Mako-chan covers a couple of interesting news tidbits from the con! Also, The Slayers in audiobook form, Kojima Productions (小島プロダクション)  expands into TV and film, J-pop star LiSA wins Song of the Year, and more 2.5 Stage Plays! Meanwhile in Japan, police station evacuated due to a bombshell, NESCAFÉ wants to keep you warm in the cold, and a local park's Engrish is quite interesting! --- Support this podcast:

Download the MP3! - 123MB, 87 hours 12 minutes

Podcast by - 11/23/2021 8:10 PM18 views


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