Anime Jam Session

#513 - THE FALLOUT (More Broken than a Bethesda Game)

Fallout from Puchi Con, what happened with the COVID scare?! Also, live action Cowboy Bebop gets a prequel manga and live action One Piece new logo reveal and script teaser! Plus, latest Sailor Moon Musical streams the first and last shows globally, and actor Beat Takeshi (ビートたけし) assaulted! Meanwhile in Japan, a man fakes being Vietnamese in order to rob convenience store, another man attempts to rob store with lighter, a man pees in drink bottle of woman coworker because “he liked her”, and a Japanese convenience store’s love letter vending machine proves they really do sell everything... --- Support this podcast:

Download the MP3! - 139MB, 99 hours 10 minutes

Podcast by - 9/12/2021 8:49 PM14 views


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