Anime Jam Session

#489: Some Kind of Blast Effect

Vertical and Kodansha US merge together, former MythBusters Kari Byron is now busting anime myths, and the final Evangelion film hits 800 million yen! Also, recording artist Yoshiki receives the Japanese Medal of Honor, a new Record of Lodoss War mobile game, and a LARPer who could not take no for answer when it comes to someone else's girlfriend! Meanwhile in Japan, fried noodles in an elementary school were so hard it send kids and teachers to the hospital, the ban on plastics continue with spoons and forks, some elementary school forbid underclothes during PE, and new capsule toys that are plush fried foods! --- Support this podcast:

Download the MP3! - 126MB, 89 hours 30 minutes

Podcast by - 3/16/2021 8:53 PM37 views


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