Anime Jam Session

#461: I Mean, it is Hot Out...

Kicking things off with Ranma's Hot Take on Butch Hartman's commissioned drawing of Girl Type Ranma Saotome! Plus more on Sonic The Hedgehog movie, possible horror game between Hideo Kojima (小島秀夫 and Junji Ito? Also, Hideo Kojima judges in the Venice Film Festival, Attack on Titan promotion with sake, Shining Moon Tokyo - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon cafe closes, and limited edition Gundarium Mobile Suit Gundam kits go on sale! Meanwhile in Japan, one man arrested for spreading false idol rumors, another is arrested for writing on public toilets, and a university member busted for printing porn collection at work?! --- Support this podcast:

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Podcast by - 7/28/2020 8:47 PM38 views


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