Anime Jam Session

Episode 410 : It's Not Even All That… But It Could Be.

On tonight's show... We a night and day difference with cosplayers and makeup, an adult video star discusses the seedy underbelly of the anime industry, a new anime con in Texas, Anime Frontier! Voice actress Aya Hirano (平野 綾) will hold her fist concert in 4 years this summer, Toei Animation wants fresh blood in the industry as well as hosting a contest to pitch your anime! One anime director talks about the direction of anime and what he would and wouldn't do, and Aggretsuko season 2 dub! Meanwhile in Japan... An illustrator draws different types of perverts on the train, a worker gets fired and slices up sushi revenge, a singer is criticized by her Instagram photo, and the body soap for women that's popular by men?!

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