American Horror Story Review by Nadim S.

American Horror Story 4.07: Test Of Strength

American Horror Story 4.07: Test Of Strength

Written By:
Crystal Liu
Directed By:
Anthony Hemingway

I've never been bored by American Horror Story.  Until now.  It's shocking to me that creator Ryan Murphy could lose sight of a show with such a unique tone and voice. But Freak Show has been an absolute mess. It might have started out with potential, but everything since Twisty's death has been a downright mess. Where's the horror? Where's the creepiness? It all feels like a routine drama at the moment, and it's far from thrilling. In fact, American Horror Story has become a chore to watch, and that's unacceptable.

Ma Petite's death should have been harrowing and gruesome. It also should have been an emotional affair. Sadly, I felt nothing. Dell completely sucked the air out of this episode, and his murder of Ma Petite was equally lame and dull. Maybe her death will kick the momentum into gear? The show better hope so, because this is a disaster. And no more "bonding" between Dell and Jimmy please. Things are slow enough. 

I want to say that Jessica Lange is still a superstar, but I'm still stick of the fact that she keeps playing some version of a power-hungry character every season. Isn't this supposed to be an anthology series? How great would it be to see her play a victim for once? Someone who perhaps isn't so confident and hellbent on destroying everyone in her path. 

A tedious and tremendously boring hour of American Horror Story

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • Hard to see how it could get worse than this low point
The Bad:
  • The horror aspects are almost completely gone
  • The pacing is deadly slow

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